What Your Favorite Drink Says About You: Bartender's Edition

Everybody’s got that go-to drink, but ever wonder what yours is telling the world about you? Whether your drink of choice is deep-rooted in tradition or just a casual pick, it might just reveal a slice of your personality. Whether you’re gearing up to break the ice at your next house party or just vibing to some self-discovery, knowing what your favorite drink says about you can be pretty enlightening—yeah, it’s deeper than you think!

Bartenders, they got the real lowdown. They can often spot what’s up just by your drink choice. They know the folks who order a gin neat versus those who like it on the rocks—it’s like a secret language. And over at The Old G, we’re mixin’ up our gin with all that heritage and culture. Our minority-owned business slings a London Dry Gin that’s not just about drinking; it’s about telling a story. With our gin, you’re not just sipping; you’re representing.

Artisanal Craft Gin Lover: Vibing with the Simple Life

If artisanal craft gin is your jam, you’re probably all about the chill, simple pleasures. At The Old G, we vibe with that. It shows you’ve got a taste for craftsmanship, that you’re about effort and authenticity over anything else. You probably pick quality over quantity in all things—be it the threads you rock or the food you grub on.

Artisan gins have those unique, locally sourced flavors—each sip is a new vibe. It’s about appreciating the craft, and you get that. You savor the story and passion behind every bottle.

London Dry Gin Aficionados: Classic Cool

Digging London Dry gin? Then you’re all about the classics. Maybe you’re the type to spin old-school tracks or keep it real with tried-and-true traditions. You respect the history, the consistency, the classic vibe. Choosing London Dry gin means you’re into the finer things, but you’re not about the flash; you like your elegance understated.

London Dry is balanced, straightforward, and you roll the same way. You’re about “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” keeping things cool without the need for extra.

Gin Neat Drinkers: Keeping It Real

Pouring your gin neat? You’re keeping it 100—raw and real, just like The Old G. You value the straight-up truth, no chaser. You’re not about dressing things up or watering them down.

Sipping gin neat means you’re down for the pure enjoyment of life’s simple flavors. You probably dig knowing your gin’s backstory and appreciate its complexities without needing to dress it up.

Single Mixer Sippers: Creatively Classic

If you’re about that single mixer life, you’re balancing creativity with a nod to tradition. You respect the gin game but aren’t afraid to spin it with your own flair. Bet you’re the playful type, someone who enjoys a little twist but keeps it anchored in the classics.

What your drink choice says is that you’re open to experimentation but never at the cost of losing the essence. Maybe you’re the creative soul, a poet, or a storyteller, always mixing a bit of adventure into the everyday.

Organic Botanical Enthusiasts: Eco-Warriors

All about those organic botanicals? You’re living that eco-friendly life, staying green and clean. You likely lead a health-conscious lifestyle, maybe even vegan or growing your own greens. You’re all about protecting the planet, one sustainable choice at a time.

Choosing a gin that celebrates the natural and the organic says you care about what goes into your body and the earth. You’re making choices that matter, for you and Mother Nature.

Oxygen-Infused Spirit Lovers: Smooth Vibes Only

Preferring oxygen-infused spirits means you’re about keeping life smooth and stress-free. Why complicate things? You’re the type to keep it easy, looking for that gentle, hassle-free flow in your spirits and your life.

If oxygen-infused gin is your go-to, you’re probably the laid-back friend, the one who keeps everything cool, always saying, “It’s all good,” because you know how to ride the vibe.

Discover The Old G

How we serve our gin is a big part of our story. Whether it’s straight, on the rocks, or with a simple mixer, The Old G is about embracing the full experience. It’s about finding the beauty in simplicity, appreciating the craft, and respecting the community spirit.

Dive into The Old G and let your drink do the talking. Explore our selection and see how tradition blends with exceptional quality. Your favorite drink isn’t just a beverage; it’s a statement.

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