When it comes to enjoying your go-to spirits, knowing how to order them can take your sippin’ game to the next level. We’re talking neat, straight up, and on the rocks – each style’s got its own vibe, especially with something as rich as gin. The Old G, where we craft gin like no other, is here to drop some knowledge on how to enjoy different drinks in these styles.

Neat: Keepin’ it Real

Going neat means you’re getting the spirit straight, no ice, no mixers. It’s all about tasting that drink as it is, feeling every bit of flavor, aroma, and the spirit’s soul. So, what drink can you serve neat? Gin’s on that list. The Old G gin, with its deep botanical mix, is perfect for sippin’ neat. You get to taste what real gin feels like, no distractions.

Straight Up: Cool and Sophisticated

Straight up? That’s when your drink hasbeen mixed or shaken with ice but served without it – chilled and smooth. It’s a cool way to enjoy your gin, especially The Old G. It chills down the gin, giving those botanicals a chance to shine in a whole new way.

On the Rocks: Chilled Out

On the rocks is pretty straightforward – your drink poured over ice. It’s a chill way to enjoy your spirit, letting the ice slowly meld with the drink, changing up the flavor as it goes. Some folks love their Old G on the rocks, letting the ice bring out the different notes in the gin over time.

Beyond Gin

The Old G, along with other spirits like whiskey, cognac, and even vodka can be just as dope served neat, straight up, or on the rocks. But let’s be real, The Old G stands out for those who want to experience gin at its finest.

Learning the Lingo

Get slick with the bar talk by understanding these terms:

Angel’s Portion: That bit of spirit that evaporates while it’s aging – a heavenly share, if you will.

Botanical Bitters: These add an extra layer of flavor to your drink, making it pop.

Bostonian Mixer: That two-piece shaker bartenders use to mix your drinks to perfection.

Cask: Just another name for those barrels where spirits get their age and flavor.

Collins Glass: Tall, slim, perfect for those mixed drinks that need a little room to breathe.

The Old G Spirit: More Than Just a Drink

The Old G ain’t just about gin. It’s about bringing that essence, that real deal quality to every sip. Whether you like it neat, straight up, or on the rocks, The Old G brings the flavor, the tradition, and the craftsmanship to the table every time.

So, next time you’re out or chillin’ at home, grab some gin and think about how you want to enjoy your drink. The Old G’s got you covered, no matter how you like it. Cheers to keepin’ it real with every sip!

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