How Gin Gets Its Swag: From Botanicals to Your Glass

Aight, so you’re curious about how that smooth, botanical-heavy spirit known as gin goes from a bunch of ingredients to the dope drink you’re sipping on a chill evening? At The Old G, we’re all about breaking down the process, making it as real as the streets where we came from. Let’s explore the journey of gin – from selecting those fresh botanicals to hitting the bottle with style.

The Roots of the Gin Game

Gin’s story kicks off way back in the day, like the 17th century in the Netherlands. Originally whipped up for medicinal vibes, it quickly became the drink of choice for folks looking for a good time. Fast forward to London in the 18th century, and gin’s blowing up big time. Picture this: cobblestone alleys alive with the clinking of glasses and the hum of revelry. Gin, the ultimate crowd-pleaser, steps into the spotlight, earning its reputation as the people’s drink. What’s the secret to its success? It’s got a rep for being the people’s drink, thanks to its affordability and the buzz it brings.

What Goes Into Gin?

Making gin is like spinning a dope track – you need the right mix of beats to make it hit. Here’s the lineup:

Neutral Spirit Base: Think of this as the canvas where gin starts to get its color.

Juniper Berries: The lead vocalist of the gin band. It brings that recognizable piney, citrusy flavor gin is known for.

Botanicals: The backup singers, add layers to the tune with everything from coriander to citrus peels.

Spices & Herbs: These add that extra kick and depth, making sure every sip’s got character.

The Distillation Drop

This is where the magic happens, turning that basic spirit into the gin you know and love. We’re talking about heating up the mix and letting those botanicals infuse their essence into the vapor. After that, we then cool it down to capture all those flavors in liquid form.  The vapor, now infused with the botanicals, is carefully cooled down, locking in all those distinct notes in the gin. It’s all about precision, making sure the gin hits just right.

Bottling the Beats

Once that gin’s got its flavor locked down, it’s time to bottle it up. Some gins hit the shelves immediately, keeping that fresh, vibrant vibe. Others might chill for a bit to let the flavors mingle and mellow out, giving you that smooth sip every time. So, whether it’s an instant hit or a patiently matured, rest assured, every drop is an experience waiting to impress your palate.

Sip the Story

So now you know the deal behind how gin’s made. At The Old G, every bottle’s got a bit of that hustle, a piece of our heritage. We’re serving up more than just gin; we’re delivering a taste of our legacy, crafted with the streets’ spirit and served with a side of old-school cool. Get a taste of our world, and let’s make every sip a story worth telling.

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