Crafting the Perfect Gin Old Fashioned at Home: Street Edition

A Gin Old Fashioned ain’t just a cocktail; it’s a statement. Known as the OG of gin cocktails, this mix keeps it 100 with just gin, sugar, bitters, and ice. It’s all about those little details, and we’re here to break it down so you can whip up this classic right at your own spot. As a minority-owned standout, The Old G does London Dry Gin like no other—it’s not just a drink, it’s the whole vibe. Ready to make your own Gin Old Fashioned? Let’s get it.

Step 1 – Start With the Real: Pour The Old G Gin Neat

Kick it off with a solid base: high-quality gin. Pour The Old G Gin neat. Keep it simple to really feel that crisp, clean hit. The smoothness straight from the bottle sets the tone of the whole mix. With The Old G Gin, you’re not just pouring a drink; you’re laying down premium botanicals that elevate everything else you’ll add. Remember, less is more with the mix-ins. Let the gin do the talking so the cocktail keeps its street cred as a true Gin Old Fashioned.

Step 2 – Hit it With Botanicals: Bring in Orange and Lemon Peels

Now for some zest. Throw in some orange and lemon peels to boost the botanical flavors. This isn’t about making things complex; it’s about enhancing what’s already there. Twist those peels over the glass to spritz those essential oils right into the gin. This subtle citrus spin will pop off in the gin, making each sip a fresh experience.

Step 3 – Keep it Sweet, Keep it Real: Add Just Enough Simple Syrup

Like that tune goes, “a spoonful of sugar helps…” and here, it’s no different. But this isn’t about covering up; it’s about complementing. A touch of simple syrup smooths everything out. It softens the gin’s edge and brings comfort to the sip. But chill with the sugar—too much and you’ll overshadow the main event.

Step 4 – Make it Your Own: Dash in Some Bitters

Finish off with a personal touch of bitters. Just a dash. This is where you can play around and find what hits right for you. Bitters can highlight undertones in the gin or introduce a whole new flavor level.

The Old G Served with Legacy

How you serve this gin says a lot. Neat, on the rocks, or your unique way, The Old G is all about enjoying the moment. Take it slow, appreciate the flavors, and let every sip speak of the legacy.

Turn your home into the hottest bar in town with The Old G. We’re not just about drinks; we’re about the roots, the culture. Your perfect Gin Old Fashioned is waiting to be mixed. Cheers to keeping it classic, with a twist.

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