5 Surprising Gin Facts You Might Not Know: Street Style Edition

Gin’s got flavor, history, and some legit street cred. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite among the old timers and the fresh crowd alike. But even if you know your spirits, gin’s got some secrets that might just surprise you. From its low-key beginnings to its high-key flavor game, here’s the real on why gin’s not just a drink—it’s a movement. And at The Old G, we’re not just about pouring drinks; we’re about crafting legends.

Our London Dry Gin pays homage to the old ways but with a vibe that’s all about today. Made without any fake flavors or colors, every sip from The Old G is a taste of our commitment to keeping it 100. Gin isn’t just our spirit; it’s our celebration of heritage, done right for those who know the real from the hype.

Let’s drop some knowledge about gin and upgrade your sippin’ game.

1. Gin’s Medicinal Mojo

Before it was the smooth sipper in your glass, gin started life as jenever, a medicinal potion from 16th century Netherlands. Used to treat kidney ailments with its juniper berry mix, this spirit was all about health before it hit the high notes of flavor. Fast forward, and jenever evolved into the gin we vibe with today. And at The Old G? We keep it accessible—because good gin is for everyone.

2. The Gin Craze: London’s Wild Days

Picture this: 18th century London, a city going wild for gin thanks to government moves to cut down on French brandy. Gin production exploded, and so did consumption, with Londoners downing 14 gallons a year each at its peak. Yeah, that’s a lot. It got so wild, the government had to step in with the Gin Acts to chill things out. That’s one crazy chapter in gin’s history book.

3. Gin Goes Global with the British Empire

Jump to the 19th century, and gin’s making moves in British India. British officers started mixing their medicinal quinine tonic with gin to kick the bitter edge, and just like that, the Gin and Tonic was born. This mix wasn’t just tasty; it fought off malaria, making it a hit. It’s a prime example of gin’s knack for turning the functional into the phenomenal.

4. London Dry Gin: Not Just From London

Here’s a twist: London Dry Gin doesn’t need to come from London. Mind-blowing, right? It’s all about the style, not the spot. London Dry means re-distilling with all-natural botanicals, no fake stuff allowed after that. It’s why our gin at The Old G is crisp, clean, and always on point.

5. Botanical Boss Moves

The real magic in gin? Its botanicals. Juniper’s just the start. Gin distillers get creative with everything from coriander and citrus peels to wild cards like lavender and rose petals. This botanical playground makes gin one of the most versatile spirits out there, with endless flavors to explore.

The Old G: Crafting Tradition with Every Bottle

Gin’s journey from a health tonic to a cocktail staple is packed with unexpected turns and wild stories, just like the streets it once roamed. These facts aren’t just trivia—they show how gin adapts and thrives, reflecting its timeless appeal.

The Old G Gin keeps it real for everyone, not just the elite. Whether you’re chilling at a fancy bar or kicking back at a block party, our gin is there. How you sip it—neat, on the rocks, or with a splash—speaks volumes about its style and your own.

Check out TheOldG.com and start your journey with a gin that’s all about living well, one honest sip at a time.

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