4 Craft Gin Apple Recipes to Elevate Your Game

Kick up your flavor game and add some swagger to your socials with these killer, urban-inspired gin apple recipes. These mixes are crafted for the OGs—the true aficionados of authentic, cultured spirits. Hunting for all-natural elements and premium gin? You’ve landed in the right spot.

At The Old G, we vibe with the old-school gin crafting ways but flip them with our signature twist. It’s our fresh take on the classics that sets us apart. Our top-shelf London Dry Gin is free from fake stuff—just straight-up, high-quality gin made by folks who know the essence of real drinking culture. When you mix up your next apple gin cocktail, make sure it’s with The Old G.

Craft Gin and Apple Cider Punch – The Ultimate Fall Vibe

This drink isn’t just for any season; it truly pops off when the leaves start falling. Combine our craft gin with apple cider for a taste that’s bold and crisp.

Just mix, add a twist of lemon, and serve it up at your next chill hangout. Watch as you become the night’s MVP.

Sizzling Apple-Gin Fizz Cocktail for Those Hot City Nights

Chill out when the city heats up with the Sizzling Apple-Gin Fizz Cocktail. Our craft gin, blended with sweet apple and topped with a splash of fizz, is your go-to when the temperature rises. This drink is all about keeping it simple: mix apple juice with The Old G gin, throw in some soda water for that fizz, and top it off with a scoop of apple sorbet. It’s like a daytime party in a glass!

Spiced Apple Gin Toddy – Warm Up Your Winter Block Party

Bring the heat to winter with our Spiced Apple Gin Toddy. Ideal for those frosty evenings, this hot drink is straight comfort in a cup.

Heat up some apple cider with craft gin, sweeten with honey, and dust with cinnamon and nutmeg for that spiced kick. Enjoy it wrapped up in your favorite hoodie, and let the cold just melt away.

Gin-Infused Apple Sorbet – Cool Down the Summer Heat

Turn back to summer vibes with our Gin-Infused Apple Sorbet. Perfectly balancing sharp and sweet, it’s the ultimate summer chill.

Mix apple juice with sugar until smooth, blend in craft gin, and freeze it till it’s just right. Serve it up in chilled glasses and watch your crew’s day turn luxe.

The Old G: For those who keep it real with every sip, mixing tradition with a modern twist, making every moment more than just a drink—it’s a statement.

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